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5 VDL Citeas Electric for Stadtwerke Münster

On Thursday 23 April 2015, VDL Bus & Coach delivered 5 Citeas Electric to Stadtwerke Münster. One Citea was delivered in connection with the SEB project (rapid charging system for electric buses in public transport), subsidized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The other 4 Citeas are part of the ZeEUS project (Zero Emission Urban Bus System), subsidized by the European Commission and coordinated by UITP. Electric mobility is an important development in public transport. Metropolitan electric bus transport contributes to a cleaner environment, lower energy consumption and a quieter and healthier environment. For both the SEB and ZeEUS projects, the Citeas Electric will be extensively tested over an extended period of time. This will yield valuable practical information about the use of electric bus systems in urban areas.

VDL Citeas Electric for Stadtwerke Münster
The VDL Citeas Electric delivered in Münster in connection with the SEB and ZeEUS projects feature an IFAS rapid charging system on the side of the roof of the bus. IFAS (Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls) is part of the RWTH Aachen University of Technology, as is the ISEA (Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives) which coordinated both Münster projects. A robotic arm that emerges from the roof of a bus shelter automatically makes contact with the charging system of the bus. With this system up to 500 kW of power can be charged within 4-6 minutes. The firm Pintsch Bamag developed the electronics for the power system. The Citea for the SEB project is fitted with a Hoppecke battery. The Citeas Electric taking part in the ZeEUS project are each fitted with a Microvast battery. All 5 of the electric buses will be put in service on line 14, which according to the plans will make this line fully electric. The rapid charging stations are located at the two end points of this line. An additional rapid charging station is present at the bus depot.

From left to right: Eckhard Schläfke (Stadtwerke Münster), Werner Rohlfs (RWTH Aachen), Alex de Jong (VDL Bus & Coach bv), Umberto Guida (UITP) and Dr. Dirk Wernicke (Stadtwerke Münster).

Stadtwerke Münster GmbH
Stadtwerke Münster GmbH is responsible for the public service, as well for the public transport in Münster. The public service includes the supply of electricity, natural gas, district heating and drinking water. They also operate the bus network, the port and the street lighting in the city. As a municipal company, Stadtwerke see clearly the responsibility for air pollution in Münster. Electrification of urban bus systems is an integral part of the climate concept of Münster.

VDL Citea Electric
The VDL Citea Electric is a fully electric Citea SLF Low Floor with a length of 12 metres. The ability to choose from various electric drives, battery packages and charging systems ensures that the most ideal and optimal combination can be selected for every deployment area, without consequences for accessibility, interior layout or comfort. The Citea Electric is unique in that it can be adapted to provide the optimum configuration for any operator based on their complete package of operational requirements and wishes.

Clean and comfortable
“The passenger will find the VDL Citea Electric to be a very comfortable city bus. The interior floor is free of height changes and offers maximum space for sitting and standing passengers. Large windows and a modern colour scheme and finish create a very spacious effect. The noise level is very low, there are no engine vibrations and the acceleration and braking occur with perfectly smooth transitions. In short, a completely different ride feel compared to a traditional bus equipped with a combustion engine. In combination with Zero Emission this represents a big step towards changing how people experience public bus transport,” said Alex de Jong, Manager Public Transport VDL Bus & Coach bv.

Valkenswaard, April 2015

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