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Citea Low Floor Electric (SLF Electric)

With the introduction of the Citea Low Floor Electric, VDL has set the standard for the city bus of the future. In busy urban areas quality of life is priority number one, and large cities have already committed to switching to zero emission public transport by 2025.
With the Citea Electric transport operators can begin this transition now. The benefits of the Citea Low Floor bus concept for urban use are further enhanced by a silent, clean, modular electric powertrain. Depending on how the vehicle will be deployed, customization can be provided to achieve fully optimized operation. Examples include various battery systems combined with different charging systems, chosen to match the length of the routes and available stop times. The batteries are placed on the roof, where there is also room for a pantograph, which makes it possible to top up the batteries along the way. The Citea Electric is further equipped with a fully electric climate control system to guarantee 100% zero emission operation. With these features we strive for low energy consumption and a quiet, comfortable environment for both driver and passengers.
With the experience VDL has now amassed with the deployment of larger fleets of electric buses, the services provided by VDL Bus & Coach go beyond just the construction and service of the vehicle. For help with the various charging infrastructure options and assistance with the deployment of these vehicles you can also turn to VDL.
The Citea Low Floor Electric is offered as SLF-120 (2-axle model – 12 metres long) and is available in a 2-or 3-door version.

Citea SLF-120 Electric