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Turnkey system

The modular system makes it possible for any operator to put together a Citea from the E-Worker range that is tailored optimally to the customer's operational requirements and wishes and dovetails seamlessly with the available infrastructure.

Basic vehicle
Here a decision has to be made about the required capacity and the design. Does a 12-metre-long variant have enough space or is an articulated bus more suitable? Do we opt for the standard Citea design or do we go for the futuristic look?
Battery technology is developing rapidly, giving rise to many different options. We are keeping a close eye on all developments and are collaborating with several battery suppliers. Aspects such as weight, price, energy density, composition and life expectancy are factors affecting the choice of the right battery. Another very important factor is how quickly the battery can be discharged and charged. The choice of battery technology and the size of the pack are based on the bus's deployment profile.
Charging system
The Citea E-Worker range can be combined with various charging systems. Depending on the charging system chosen, the bus will be charged slowly (Slow Charging) or rapidly (Opportunity Charging). For both charging systems, use is made of a universal charging protocol based on the CCS standard, already in use for the rapid charging of passenger cars.
Slow Charging: via a Combo2 plug-in connection or a pantograph.
Opportunity Charging: via a pantograph.