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Futura FMD2

The VDL Futura FMD2 offers a surprising number of options. It can be used for touring, but also for intercity transport and on scheduled services. The floor height of 1,250 mm offers easy access and exit. The optional wide centre door can be fitted with a cassette lift to enable disabled passengers to enter and exit safely. For a vehicle in the multifunctional segment, the luggage space in the Futura FMD2 is exceptionally large. In short, a genuine all-rounder!

Economical: low unladen weight, low fuel consumption
Profitable: high passenger capacity
Versatile: can be operated as a coach or as an intercity bus
Practical: generous luggage space
Economical: low costs per kilometre
Perfect: profitable investment

The Futura FMD2 is available as FMD2-129(2-axles – 12.9 metres), as FMD2-135 (2-axles – 13.5 metres) and as FMD2-148 (3-axles - 14.8 metres).

Futura FMD2-129

Futura FMD2-135

Futura FMD2-148