MidEuro Baseline

The MidEuro Baseline is designed to transport passengers with luggage over shorter distances, such as from hotel to airport. The vehicle is equipped with up to 16 passenger seats.

MidEuro School Bus

The MidEuro School bus version is suitable for transporting a large number of passengers safely and in comfort. The vehicle can be equipped with up to 19 passenger seats with seatbelts.

MidEuro Tour

The MidEuro Tour is the ideal coach for comfortable transport to holiday destinations. The vehicle is equipped with up to 16 passenger seats with seatbelts, armrests and an adjustable backrest. In addition, the MidEuro Tour has baggage racks with individual ventilation outlets connected to the climate control system.

MidEuro Business

The MidEuro Business is ideal for transporting passengers in total luxury. The vehicle has up to 16 comfortable leather-upholstered passenger seats and is equipped with USB connections for passenger use. A large luggage hold and an electrically operated entrance door complete the MidEuro Business.