VDL MidCity

Due to its compact dimensions, the MidCity is superbly suited for transport in city centres and metropolitan areas. Moreover, the vehicle can also be used efficiently for smaller-scale passenger transport in sparsely populated areas.

The standard version of the MidCity is equipped with environmentally friendly engines and optimized interior configurations. The double door, with a generous width of 1,240 mm, makes it easier and quicker to board and alight. With the MidCity, VDL Bus & Coach delivers a trendsetting product concept, which contributes to more sustainable transport.

  • The MidCity is based on a converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

  • Possibility to extend the wheelbase by up to 70 centimetres. With a rear extension, the vehicle has a length of 8.4 metres.
  • Double door with width of 1,240 mm is the widest in the segment and results in fast and easy passenger flow. Compliant with German VDV standard.
  • All vehicles are compliant with the R107 directive.
  • Flexibility, safety, quality and ease of use are all considered just as important as the use of sustainable materials and production techniques.
  • The low floor is ideal for standing places or wheelchairs.
  • Conversion to a low-floor bus, with space for 31 passengers – a speciality we developed in-house – offers an extensive range of possibilities.