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Travelling is more than ever about experience and the motto ‘making memories’. Not only do travellers place demands on our coaches in terms of reliability, design and sustainable solutions, such as fuel-saving lightweight constructions, luxury and comfort are also becoming increasingly important: is there on-board Wi-Fi, does my seat have a USB port, can I watch a film? Like the new generation of passengers, we consider the bus to be the mode of transport of the future when it comes to long-distance travel.

Public Transport

Public Transport

The challenge of working together to create a healthy living environment and a clean city has never been greater. In the pursuit of future-proof, sustainable mobility for people, society and the environment, zero emissions is the new standard. We devise public transport solutions for today and tomorrow. Collaboration is in our DNA. Innovation too. Experience the impact of our electric buses when you are on your way to school, work or friends. We get millions of people moving, day after day.


The introduction of the new generation of Citeas is VDL Bus & Coach's answer to the challenges of tomorrow's public transport. Whereas in recent years 'Aiming for Zero' was the ambition, zero emissions is now the norm for the liveable city. This requires new technologies and a different way of thinking. VDL's new Citea bus concept offers solutions without compromise. 

Batteries in the floor, a one-piece composite side wall, clever energy management, a sophisticated climate control system and an ergonomic driver's environment. With these five important innovations, VDL Bus & Coach introduces the new generation of Citeas product range, consisting of 4 length variants and 5 types.





The presence of COVID-19 in our daily lives and the consequences of this virus is affecting us all.

It is also increasing the pressure on our mobility. Smart transport solutions are necessary, not only to protect drivers and passengers but also to remain mobile now and in the future and to make everyone who travels feel safe. 

The ventilation of the bus or coach plays an important role in this. As much ventilation as possible significantly reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading. In addition, there are specific solutions for both public transport buses and coaches that reduce the risk even further.

Safe travel with the VDL Futura   SAFE TRAVEL wITH THE VDL Citea 

Move. Together.

The world is changing, and the mobility of people is becoming ever more important. How can we make the move to more sustainable transport together, while not losing sight of profitability and efficiency? In short, towards new, smart, future-proof transport solutions?

At VDL Bus & Coach we have a clear vision for the future of mobility and are constantly on the move to flexibly anticipate emerging trends. We understand what moves our customers and listen to their wishes. This results in tailor-made, turnkey transport solutions, with consideration for people and the environment, which we implement together with our partners.

Every situation is different. Therefore, we develop buses and coaches that are just as unique as our customers and their passengers, and which optimally meet the needs and requirements. Not standard products, but rather flexible solutions for specific situations. With an eye for safety, as well as comfort and luxury. Not just for the passengers, but for the driver too. This is how we make a difference for tomorrow, today.

Core values


… is our vision on sustainability, the environment, digital developments and new passenger transport initiatives. It is also about how we do more than delivering buses alone. We see what the world wants and can adapt and be inventive to meet these new trends.



… is about how we can act as a partner together with our stakeholders and help them in a fast-changing world with many new developments. But it’s also about the undisputed quality that we deliver in answering every demand.



… is about the fact that every situation and demand is different and the way we deal with this. The uniqueness and strength in tailor-made solutions is how we offer flexible solutions for specific situations, rather than standard options.