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Citea Low Entry Cargo (SLE-XLE)

A Low Entry bus with a luggage compartment of around 2 m³ that offers a range of additional possibilities for use.

The Cargo version is available for the Low Entry length variants SLE-120 (12 metres) and XLE-145 (14.5 metres).

Beneath the extended high-floor section around 2 m³ of luggage space has been created. This luggage compartment is accessible from the outside and has a luxurious high-quality finish. The Cargo version has a 1-1-0 door arrangement, with the second door having a width of 1,100 mm. A wheelchair ramp is fitted at the second door. The wheelchair space and seats for disabled passengers are located in the low-floor section. Particularly in countries where public transport buses are used for long-distance intercity routes, this offers many extra possibilities.