RTA and VDL Bus & Coach intensify cooperation

On 5 June 2023 the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and VDL Bus & Coach signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the UITP Global Public Transport Summit held in Barcelona, Spain. The agreement was signed by Mr. Ahmed Bahrozyan, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Transport Agency, on behalf of RTA and by Richard van den Dungen, Chief Commercial Officer, on behalf of VDL Bus & Coach. The aim of the agreement is to exchange experiences and knowledge specifically related to the transition from carbon-based to zero emission operations. 

Between 2009 and 2011, VDL Bus & Coach delivered more than 500 VDL Citea CLF-120 low floor buses to the RTA. To date, this fleet has driven more than 450,000,000 kilometres in the UAE. The VDL Citeas are well maintained by partner Swaidan Trading Company, part of Al Naboodah Group Enterprises. For VDL Bus & Coach, the cooperation with the RTA on sharing knowledge and experiences on electric bus technologies, implementing e-bus operations in terms of vehicles, and the training of drivers, as well as charge management, further underlines its ambition: to globally optimize public transport mobility solutions directly connected not only to buses but also to the entire system. As an OEM frontrunner on the development of public transport’s sustainability and life cycle goals in terms of vehicle technologies, VDL Bus & Coach strives to assign long-term alliances with public transport authorities like the RTA. 

The RTA values this agreement as part of an ongoing search for innovative transport solutions through enhanced cooperation with the private sector. Its ultimate goal is to identify potential areas of cooperation, foster partnerships, and expedite the transformation of mass transportation management and operations, using state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies. Achieving these goals help to realise RTA’s strategic goals of providing smooth, safe, and sustainable transportation services in Dubai.

Richard van den Dungen, CCO of VDL Bus & Coach: “As a European frontrunner and market leader on e-mobility for the past 10 years, the expertise we have acquired in the transition from fossil fuel to zero emission operations can be used for analysis in the UAE region. We are very pleased that RTA and VDL Bus & Coach intend to cooperate in the field of sustainable mobility.”

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, RTA, says: “Our partnership with VDL aims to exchange knowledge and experience in the operations of managing and operating electric buses, and to hold workshops and joint visits to learn about the best international experiences and practices in electric bus shelter stations, which will make it easier for the authority in this phase. In the upcoming future, stations will be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to supply buses with electric energy, and an integrated system for managing and operating environmentally friendly mass transportation in a safe, easy and sustainable manner.” 

The Roads and Transport Authority
With Dubai being one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the provision of high-quality infrastructure facilities is imperative. The Government of Dubai recognizes the importance of providing an advanced transport network for the people and is prioritizing the initiatives to enhance public transport facilities and improve roads across the Emirate to make travel safer and smoother. To achieve this vision, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed by decree number 17 for the year 2005. The RTA is responsible for planning and meeting the needs of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai, and between Dubai and the other Emirates of the UAE and neighbouring countries in order to provide an effective and integrated transport system capable of serving the vital interests of the Emirate.

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