New generation Citea LLE Diesel: extensively tested in wind tunnel and premiering at Busworld

To stand still is to regress. That is why VDL Bus & Coach continuously works on improving and renewing its products. The next generation Citea LLE Diesel, which has been extensively tested in a wind tunnel, fits this vision perfectly. This public transport bus will be shown for the first time during Busworld, Europe's largest trade fair for buses and coaches, to be held this year in Brussels, from 18 to 23 October.

“The challenge is to achieve the lowest possible CO2 footprint with the Euro 6 diesel technology and further reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” said Alex de Jong, Business Manager Public Transport at VDL Bus & Coach. “We have succeeded in reducing the weight of various components. But the most visible aspect is the new design of the vehicle, in which optimization of the aerodynamics to optimise the fuel economy played a major role.”


Tested in wind tunnel
During the tests in the wind tunnel at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), scale models of both the new and old front ends were tested. The aerodynamic design of the more sloping bus front significantly reduces drag. De Jong: “The performance with the new design and weight reduction is better than that of other buses that use hybrid technology.” The results of the wind tunnel tests are so convincing that the Citea LLE Electric will also be fitted with the new front. This will increase the kilometre range.”

Very few research facilities in the world have anything comparable to the atmospheric wind tunnel on the TU/e campus. It is suitable for two categories of research. Large, stationary obstacles and the air currents they cause in their environment, and vice versa, can be studied on a fairly large scale. There is also aerodynamic research into moving objects, such as cyclists, skaters and cars.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
With the results of the various tests, VDL Bus & Coach has not only worked on weight reduction and aerodynamic improvements, but also on the further optimization and expansion of electrically driven components and the increased service life of important wear parts. This package of measures has resulted in a significant improvement in fuel economy as well as lower repair and maintenance costs.

Safety also has the highest priority at VDL Bus & Coach. One of the options for the new generation Citea LLE Diesel is the Mobileye Shield+ system. The cameras on the bus warn the driver of traffic dangers. The system features Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning and Blind Spot Detection.


Citea LLE Diesel at Busworld
VDL Bus & Coach will show its updated Citea LLE-120 Diesel to the press and public for the first time at stand 635/hall 6 of Brussels Expo, during Busworld. De Jong: “The basic bus is essentially unchanged. Its strength remains the innovative, lightweight concept, particularly well-suited for the demanding conditions of city and regional transport. The public transport of the future must be not only sustainable, but also cost-effective.” The first generation Citea LLE diesel was built in 2011. Including the predecessors of this model (Ambassador), almost 5,000 vehicles in various lengths have been sold.

17 ottobre 2019