LTR: Rolf-Jan Zweep, Kris Declercq, Lydia Peeters, Jan Janbom, Willem van der Leegte, Alain Doucet, Paul van Vuuren, Filip Malefason

VDL Bus & Coach opens state-of-the-art bus plant in Roeselare, Flanders

VDL Bus Roeselare, the new Flemish production facility of VDL Bus & Coach, was officially opened today, Wednesday 10 April. In addition to the 27,000m2 production facility, this also launches the workshop, warehouse, and offices of VDL Bus Roeselare and VDL Bus & Coach Belgium nv.

The site at Krommebeekpark 2, Roeselare, which covers an area of 77,000m2, has been in operation for some time. Here at VDL Bus Roeselare, there will be serial production of the new generation Citea, the 100% electric bus for public transport.

The opening was attended by Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon and Flemish minister Lydia Peeters (Mobility) as well as customers, suppliers and media.

The foundation stone of VDL Groep's new bus plant had been laid on 8 February 2022. After more than two years, these plans have come to fruition in what is the most modern bus factory in Europe.

Sustainability and innovation
The new site is characterised by VDL Groep's sustainability and innovation philosophy, which is reflected in several areas. The building was designed with a strong focus on environmental friendliness, with underfloor heating and extensive ventilation systems ensuring efficient use of energy. Solar panels have been integrated into the design, making the plant largely self-sufficient in its energy needs. The green roof not only contributes to the aesthetics of the building, but also acts as a natural insulator and contributes to the biodiversity of the environment. With these facilities, VDL Bus & Coach strives for a sustainable and ecologically responsible production environment and proudly continues to work on reducing its ecological footprint.

Local employment and European production
VDL Bus & Coach deliberately chooses to build its buses in Europe. "We have a reliable network of production facilities, close to customers, with our own skilled workers who have been loyal to us for years, and with sustainable production methods. Our employees are highly qualified and use state-of-the-art technology to produce the electric buses of today and of the future," says Rolf-Jan Zweep, CEO of VDL Bus & Coach.

Alain Doucet, managing director VDL Bus Roeselare, also stresses the importance of investing in jobs: "We know that technically-skilled people are of paramount importance for the high-end manufacturing industry. It is crucial that we also continue to invest in lifelong learning as bus builders to adapt the skills of our employees to the changing needs of the economy. However, we should not assume this happens automatically: it requires a great effort from both employer and employee."

VDL Bus & Coach, part of the family-owned VDL Groep, is a staunch advocate of retaining employment, knowledge and skills within its own region. To continue that endeavour and keep the bus manufacturing industry within Europe, VDL Bus & Coach stresses the importance of a level playing field with initiatives from other continents. "There has to be fair competition, playing by the same rules," says Rolf-Jan Zweep.

VDL Bus Roeselare's production capacity is around 800 buses per annum. Despite the fact that the Roeselare plant could manufacture this total number of new-generation Citeas each year on its own, VDL Bus & Coach deliberately chose to share production of this electric city bus with its other production facility in Valkenswaard. This maximises the use of available production capacity. It also increases flexibility.

10 aprile 2024

Miel Timmers,
Spokesperson for VDL Groep

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