First order for new buses in Croatia: 7 VDL Citeas LLE-120 delivered to Polet d.o.o.

This week, VDL Bus & Coach delivered 7 VDL Citeas LLE-120 to the Croatian public transport company Polet d.o.o. from Vinkovci, a city in the far east of Croatia. Delivery took place via VDL importer Presečki Grupa d.o.o. These are the very first new VDL Citeas to be delivered to Croatia. All buses are equipped with an economical Euro 6 engine and will be deployed on various city lines in Vinkovci.

“Unfortunately, the number of public transport passengers is decreasing in Vinkovci. With the arrival of these new buses, which offer a lot of comfort and safety, we can change the habits of local residents,” says Mijat Kurtušić, director of Polet. “The 7 VDL Citeas will improve the quality of public transport. With this project, Polet also wants to facilitate the transport of people with disabilities, people in wheelchairs and the elderly. In addition, all of the buses are equipped with a Euro 6 engine, which demonstrates the high priority we give to the environment.”

Adapted to customer requirements
The 7 VDL Citeas LLE-120 for Polet have a seat layout of 38+3+1 and an extra-wide seat up front. The VDL Light Low Entry models are easily accessible for people in need of assistance, thanks to the low entry level. Wheelchairs and pushchairs can also easily board and take a seat in the spacious wheelchair space thanks to the large wheelchair platform at the back door and the full kneeling function of the bus.

In addition to optimal accessibility, the weather conditions in Croatia have also been taken into account. For example, all Citeas LLE-120 are double-glazed and equipped with a large Thermo King DS-805 air conditioning system. The favourable fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions also contribute to the comfort of both the passengers and the residents of Vinkovci.

Polet d.o.o.
The Croatian transport company Polet d.o.o. embarked on organised passenger transport in 1964. From a company that initially operated 5 buses, Polet has grown into a major carrier in Vukovar-Srijem, Croatia’s most easterly province. The city of Vinkovci is the majority owner of Polet with a 62.22% basic share. About 50% of Polet’s bus fleet consists of VDL Bus & Coach buses and coaches.

Presečki Grupa d.o.o.
Presečki Grupa d.o.o. has represented VDL Bus & Coach in Croatia since 2007 and is based in Krapina, just an hour’s drive from the capital Zagreb. As the exclusive VDL importer in Croatia, Presečki Grupa offers the complete VDL Bus & Coach range and is responsible for after-sales services and the supply of spare parts.

5. februar 2020