VDL Bus & Coach during Busworld 2019: ‘strength through cooperation is in our DNA’

This year, VDL Bus & Coach will demonstrate its familiar versatility in a new city, yet in a very recognizable decor. Busworld has moved from Kortrijk to Belgium's capital. From 18 to 23 October, Brussels Expo will host Europe's largest trade fair for buses and coaches. In the increasingly complex world of mobility, VDL Bus & Coach (Hall 6, Stand 635) is continuously working on innovative solutions.

Contributing to making our cities liveable, now and in the future, is a top priority. “During Busworld 2019 we will highlight the fact that cooperation with all relevant partners throughout the entire value chain is and will continue to be our mainspring,” said CEO Henk Coppens. “Innovation is the most important driver for achieving our ambitions. We are proud of our frontrunner position in achieving sustainable mobility solutions, but we are also convinced that more fantastic new challenges still lie ahead. Perhaps the greatest innovation is the way we intend to achieve this: together with customers, suppliers and other chain partners. Strength through cooperation is in our DNA. Technological developments are certainly important, but only for creating possibilities. Ultimately, our goal is to find ways to leverage our sustainable mobility solutions in a way that significantly contributes to the quality of life for all who work and live in our cities.”

Futura: it's all about the experience
VDL Bus & Coach focuses on important brand values, such as Profit of Ownership and Attracting People, but also knows that travelling is more about the experience than ever. Travellers are not only demanding in terms of mechanical reliability, design and sustainable solutions, such as fuel-saving lightweight constructions; luxury and comfort are becoming increasingly important as well. The Futura continuously keeps pace with these developments. At the VDL Bus & Coach stand in Brussels we will demonstrate this with 3 Futuras.

The VDL Futura FDD2-141/2600 features a unique 48+2+1+1 seating arrangement. This ultra-luxurious double-deck version with 2+1 arrangement includes all the conveniences: from USB and 220V connections to a complete kitchen. The FDD2 is available in two lengths (FDD2-130 and FDD2-141), with a maximum seating arrangement of 96+1+1 for the FDD2-141. Especially for public transport purposes, in addition to the standard 530 hp/2600 Nm MX-13 engine with Traxon automated manual gearbox, a 450 hp/2300 Nm MX-11 engine with Ecolife fully automatic gearbox is available, which allows the bus to be delivered in a specific public transport version.

VDL Futura FDD2-141

The VDL Futura FHD2-129/2100 is a paragon of luxury and comfort. The ultra-deluxe VDL Class 500 seats with adjustable headrests offer the traveller optimum seating comfort. With the 53+1+1 arrangement, the unique combination of a high seat count and comfortable distance between seats is achieved. The well-balanced lighting concept can be fully customized to the customer's preference through use of the RGBW functionality. With its 11.5 m³ of luggage space and a compact turning radius of just 22,096 mm, this 13-metre coach manages to surpass the manoeuvrability of many 12-metre coaches.

The FHD2-139/2300 makes this unsurpassed level of comfort accessible for the disabled passenger as well. Thanks to the lift mounted above the rear axle of this 13.9-metre-long, 3-axle coach with a 57+1+1 seating arrangement, disabled passengers can be accommodated just as easily. The quick release system makes it possible to completely remove the luxurious VDL Class 300 seats from the vehicle, creating space for 15 wheelchair passengers.

The VDL Futuras are now equipped as standard with Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). Through the use of GPS data, PPC continuously predicts the topography of the road so the right gear is selected at all times. This ensures the highest level of driving comfort while achieving maximum fuel economy. The Ecoroll functionality shifts the gearbox to neutral and runs the engine at idle during slight descents, making use of the moving mass and gravity to keep the vehicle at speed. When the road levels out again, the gearbox smoothly and unnoticeably shifts back to the correct gear. Depending on the topographical conditions, PPC provides a significant reduction in fuel consumption, thereby significantly contributing to profitability.


VDL Futura FHD2-129

Closing in on 50 million electric kilometres
The counter is ticking. The number of electric kilometres driven has now nearly reached 40 million. The 450 VDL buses in operation in many European cities and regions drive 75,000 kilometres a day. A further 420 electric buses are scheduled for delivery before the end of 2019. In the Netherlands alone, more than 300 electric VDL buses are currently in service. These contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing CO2 emissions by more than 20,000 tonnes per year.

The Citea SLE-129 Electric, a full-size Low Entry public transport bus, will be shown for the first time during Busworld in Brussels. It is based on the proven SLF powertrain and equipped with a 288 kWh high capacity battery pack. This way, the bus is more suitable for regional use, with longer intervals between charging. Rapid charging is via either a roof-mounted or infrastructure-mounted pantograph. The arrangement that will be shown is based on a maximum number of forward-facing seats and also includes a third door. This means that the bus meets the specific requirements that the Scandinavian market, among others, places on a Low Entry bus used for both city and regional service.

With over 260 units in operation, the Citea SLFA-180 and SLFA-181 Electric are the absolute front runners for busy city lines. The demo SLFA-180 Electric is equipped with a 288 kWh high capacity battery pack and pantograph. This provides flexibility during busy peak times and also makes it possible to drive longer daily routes. For an optimum combination of comfort and flexibility, the front section of the bus has been optimized for standing passengers and the articulated section has been fitted with as many easily accessible seats as possible.

VDL Citea SLFA-180 Electric

Introduction of next generation, extremely efficient Citea LLE diesel
Further development of the strong points was the motto behind the development of the third public transport bus to be shown in Brussels, the VDL Citea LLE Diesel. The challenge was to achieve the smallest possible CO2 footprint with the Euro 6 diesel technology while further reducing the TCO. A package of measures has resulted in a 6% improvement in fuel efficiency as well as lower repair and maintenance costs. The most visible aspect is the new design of the vehicle, in which optimization of the aerodynamics played a major role.

September 5, 2019