Repair & Maintenance

You transport passengers, and the bus or coach is a means to that end. Whatever the destination, that is always priority number one. No one likes unpleasant surprises. Nevertheless, we are here to help you when things go wrong. If you have a service contract with us, you will never be faced with financial surprises: you pay a fixed amount for repairs and maintenance throughout the period you are operating the vehicle. We make sure the vehicle is always in top condition so you can set off without worries. Your vehicle is maintained by highly qualified and trained technicians.

With a VDL Bus & Coach service contract, you get the most out of your vehicle. Whether for scheduled maintenance, warranty handling or goodwill requests, you are in good hands with your local service partner. VDL Bus & Coach takes care of the entire process, from start to finish. By using original parts, the residual value of your vehicle is maintained.

The benefits for your organization:

  • an exact quotation
  • risk minimization
  • greater mobility and flexibility
  • we manage the vehicle
  • higher residual value
  • designated contact person

The benefits for your vehicle:

  • a detailed maintenance plan
  • vehicle-specific maintenance and inspections
  • coordination of scheduled maintenance
  • fewest possible garage visits
  • preventive maintenance

The benefits in terms of service:

  • use of original VDL parts only
  • trained, top-notch technicians
  • a comprehensive service network
  • clear agreement for additional or fewer kilometres