What can we offer?


In terms of safety, the design of the Futura is completely without compromise. Our safety systems are based on the experience we have built up over decades of use of our products. As standard, all Futuras are delivered with AEBS (Autonomous Emergency Braking System), LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control). As an optional extra, DDDS (Driver Drowsiness Detection System) can be installed.

Turning circle

Futuras are renowned for their excellent manoeuvrability, partly thanks to the high steering angle that can be achieved (up to 60 degrees). The result is an extremely tight turning circle of just 22.1 metres for the FMD2/FHD2-129. On the Futura FDD2-141, the turning circle is just 24.3 metres. This excellent manoeuvrability means that VDL can deliver a 2-axle version of a 13.5-metre Futura with a turning circle of just 23.5 metres.

Fuel consumption

The efficient driveline of the VDL Futura was developed in close collaboration with DAF and ZF. The outcome is optimum reliability, low maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption. As standard, every VDL Futura is delivered with a DAF MX engine combined with ZF Traxon transmission system, resulting in high engine output and low fuel consumption. No stone is left unturned in generating the maximum energy output from every drop of fuel.

DAF MX engine

New technology means that internal friction in the DAF MX engine has been further reduced. The components powered by the engine such as oil pumps, cooling water pumps and power steering pump operate according to a continuous variable principle, and are only activated when required, by the actual situation. The result is fuel saving and no unnecessary internal wear. The new DAF MX engines are capable of delivering maximum torque at an engine speed of 900 rpm, making these extremely efficient and powerful engine systems.


Euro 6 DAF engines are renowned for their low emission levels. Lower CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre mean a better living environment for us all. The VDL Futura with the latest generation of DAF engines is also suitable for use with HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). As compared with ‘standard’ diesel, this option represents a CO2 saving of 80%.


Eyes on the road! Safety comes first! These are principles we understand better than anyone. Our driver assistance and safety systems help our drivers to focus their attention on the road. Using GPS data, Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) constantly calculates the road conditions with far greater precision than can be achieved by the driver. PPC knows when the bus can cruise over a hill top, without the need to apply more throttle power. The result is a fuel saving of up to 2.5%, in challenging topographical conditions.