The new generation of Citeas is built in our reliable network of production facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium. While competitors are increasingly moving their production to low-wage countries, we consciously choose to continue building our buses in Western Europe. Close to our customers, CO2-neutral and using sustainable production methods. The VDL Bus & Coach factories employ highly qualified personnel and use the most modern techniques to produce the e-buses of the future.


The new generation of Citeas is being developed with a focus on sustainability. Local suppliers take an important role in minimising the logistics and therefore the environmental footprint of transport. More than 80% of the bus’s weight is supplied from Western European countries within a 1,250 km range of the assembly lines. After assembly, the only remaining transport is to the customer, who will then take it into electric operation. While road transport could emit over 60 g CO2/tonne-km and shipping up to 20 g CO2/tonne-km, the local supply chain makes a significant contribution to a low environmental impact.